Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 6

Heading back out of Columbia into... Kansas!

So we have almost made it through Kansas in just one day, we're 50 miles from the boarder and resting in a hotel with some sleeping children (hooray) and a well deserved paper cup of wine (classy, it is red after all.)

The car is now plastered with bug splatter, not sure when that started but they are not coming off! I blame the unusually hot weather for the bugs being out, it is almost 80F.

Kansas was very pretty, to begin with, however after a long slog up hill (80 or 90 miles) it gets flat, then quite remarkably, and without warning it gets flatter! After the first 200 miles of this new flatness I was VERY excited to pass under some power cables. The following miles, I have to admit, were not as exciting.

Due to data constraints we're not getting updates done as much as I'd like, I was hoping to do more during the drive but pictures are racking up the data use too quickly.

So as I mentioned we are now just 50 miles from the boarder with Colorado. Thanks to Google earth I can see that the first few hundred miles of that drive are going to be as exciting as the most recent Kansas miles, BUT then I can look forward to mountains and Wyoming (where I am lead to believe a 'decent size town' is over 1,000 people... so take from that what you will.)

 P.S. the car is holding up remarkably well, however there is a disconcerting smell coming from somewhere that I cannot quite pin point... I suspect small boy socks, cunningly concealed. I will let you know what I find!


  1. Jeff, any impressions on the town we were raised in? How did the visit go?

  2. Columbia is very nice, it was fun to see the where you and Ruthann grew up. Although it was a flying visit. Ruthie was very excited to see everyone.

  3. Hi Jeff, You are definitely blazing a trail across the west. Did tell Ruthann you should have taken the red shoes with you to go across Kansas! Have you seen the Tin Man, Lion or Scarecrow yet!Xx